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Foil Labels University

Graduating from Foil Labels U means we’ve helped you find answers to questions about foil labels that really concern you: Why should I choose foil labels for my product? What is the most cost effective way to obtain quality foil labels? Will I be able to choose the complete design for my label? These and many more of your questions will be answered on the pages you are about to see. By the time you read through the following information, you’ll know exactly what kind of labels you need.


What distinguishes from other label manufacturers is our team’s desire to share knowledge with our customers and really make the purpose of foil labels well understood.

When looking to purchase labels for their products/purposes, people often find it difficult to make sense of so many types of label facestocks, finishes and coatings. Foil Label Pros are happy to explain the differences between matte and glossy, hot and cold foil stamping, foil printed and foil stamped, and thus help our buyers feel confident about making a decision about how they want their label to appear.

Choosing for your next purchase is a 100% safe bet because we are dedicated to our customers and the quality of our product.