Most Common Usage of Foil Labels

Many people and businesses that want to communicate high class, elegance, luxury and style choose foil labels for their products. Gold and silver are the most common colors of foil labels, but printing experts can also create them in blue, red, green, pink and any other color a customer desires.

Customers can order pre-made foil labels on rolls or sheets, or they can be ordered custom made following the client’s requirements about the shape, size, color and ink/foil combination of their label.

Foil labels are most commonly used in the following industries and for the following purposes:

• Wine labels
• Cosmetic industry
• Beauty products
• Health and vitamin labels
• Candy labels
• Specialty food labels
• Anniversary/wedding/special occasion labels
• Shipping, mailing, addressing
• Promotional and marketing labels
• Safety labels
• Candle labels
• Consecutive number labels (useful for tracking equipment)
• Florist business