Types of Foils Used in Foil Stamping

As we already mentioned, there are a few foil labeling options that can satisfy everyone’s budget. Foil printed labels are regular foil stock labels that have ink applied to them – we are talking about a standard label printing method. This is the most affordable type of foil label manufacturing and it delivers quality, attention-grabbing labels. The most commonly used foil stocks are shiny or dull gold and silver paper, or gold and silver polyester for more durable applications.

Hot-foil stamped labels are labels designed using a heated die that applies foil to a label stock. This type of foil labeling is considered to deliver the most high-end foil labels. This process uses no inks and is a preferred choice of labeling in industries focused on elegant product appearance (e.g. beauty and cosmetics industry). Hot foil stamping can be done on many different materials like paper, polyester or clear films that give the product a no-label look.

A newer type of foil stamping, and the one that’s gaining popularity very quickly, is cold foil stamping. This type of foil labeling is faster, more efficient and less expensive than hot foil stamping, so its sudden popularity is easy to explain. Printing plates used for cold foil stamping are sometimes several times less expensive than hot stamp tools used for hot foil labeling. The best part is that customers often can’t tell the difference between cold stamped and hot stamped foil labels.

The difference between hot and cold foil stamping is that foil is stamped onto a label using heat in the first case, whereas cold stamping method uses printing plates that only transfer foils to a surface as a flat application.

Though the advantages of cold foil stamping are obvious, there are some limitations to this labeling technique. For one, they don’t appear as 3-dimensional as hot stamped foil labels, which give a premium look with their subtle “deep” appearance. Also, cold stamped foils are not as effective on dark, dry or porous surfaces as hot stamped foils.